When we decided to set up Madgra we had a few pieces of stock each and we decided to collaborate together. We decided to go to a Flea Market and see how it went. Madgra was born. For a year we traveled around the country and enjoyed the banter we would have with fellow marketers and the customers who would call over to us. We had planned to keep our little shop going this way and put a few pieces on Instagram, Etsy and Depop. Then our world changed last March and the last market we booked into was gone. I don’t need to remind you what has happened over the last year. We started talking about going on-line. We researched what was the best site to use and we got to it. It took a lot of work. Going on-line isn’t just a quick photo and then it’s up. After all our hard work we launched last November. We were so proud all our hard work paid off. We now have a great platform that allows our loyal customers to browse at their leisure and they can safely purchase from their own homes. We are truly so grateful and happy every time that we sell one of our timeless pieces. We think of the story it had getting to us and the story that will continue once it goes to it’s new owners.