And I couldn't help but wonder...

As the first images of the Sex and the City reboot are being released I find myself thinking about the original series (we won't talk about the movies) and how influenced I was by them. Still quoting S&TC today, although definitely not in the same circumstances, "I'm sorry, I can't, don't hate me" is a firm favourite. New York city went to the top of my must visit, sitting on the stoop of a brown stone while eating cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, sipping cosmopolitans at a bar, trying to hail a taxi with just a hand raised in the air, all achieved while dressed in all my finery.

Because yes, the biggest influence of S&TC was the fashion, the style, the outfits. I was always aware of 2 pieces I bought specifically because of what I had seen Carrie Bradshaw wearing, it was always Carrie style I was in awe of. But looking back at my fashion choices from my 20s, I couldn't help but wonder...had Sex & the City influenced my fashion choices more than I realised?

I bought my green and white stripped Laundry Room (an amazing Irish brand that I still miss dearly) dress because it reminded me of the summer dress that Carrie wore to attend church in the first season, I adored from the moment she appeared on screen in it accessorising with dainty white gloves. I just loved the freshness of the colours and had to have it, still have it and still wear it.

In the episode where Carrie gets dumped by Berger, she wore a navy top with a hood to BED (a new hip nightclub in NYC). I found a very similar top in Miss Selfridges years later and yes because of that episode I bought it. I thought I was so cool in Langtons (an old established nightclub in Kilkenny) strutting around with my hood up. Maybe I was cool but highly unlikely! I don't have this anymore, fast fashion doesn't last long and honestly I don't think I'd still wear it.

Casting a forensic eye on my wardrobe, I have a knitted wool skirt with a flamboyant kick flare that is suspiciously like the black and white ensemble that Carrie wore in Paris, I can only presume that my subconscious went into S&TC mode. Multiple necklaces became a trademark of mine that I still very fond of today, always tangles, always with the clasp to front (a sign someone is thinking of you). A tan leather jacket is another offender that sits proudly in my wardrobe, considering that Carrie wore a very similar jacket in two separate episodes,  it goes to show there are no such things as coincidences Sex & The City played a major factor in influencing my fashion sense without even realising it. And so as I reflect on this influence I couldn't help but feel excited for the the reboot and hours of Carrie Bradshaw fashion ahead.

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