These 15 Slow Fashion Brands Will Help You Ditch Fast Fashion

These 15 Slow Fashion Brands Will Help You Ditch Fast Fashion

Want to ditch fast fashion, but not sure what the alternative looks like? Meet the “Good” and “Great” slow fashion brands getting back to the roots of clothes making. 

Fast fashion is bad news. As with many industries, higher population and consumer demand meant the fashion industry was flipped on its head around 30 years ago, and the overarching business model became more stuff, more quickly, and more cheaply. While it doesn’t sound so bad on its own, this quick turnover means worse conditions for workers, worse impacts on the environment, and worse quality garments in your closet. So, what’s the alternative?

Enter slow fashion. Simply defined as the opposite of fast fashion, slow fashion opts for a more sustainable approach to making clothes. Specifically, it hones in on reducing both consumption and production. This means the first steps to slowing down fashion in your world might look like making sure you really do need something new and shopping your closet for something that might only need a minor repair. The next step is to shop less often and opt for second hand garments to extend their life rather than contributing to new production. But if and when you do need something new, going for quality over quantity and supporting brands that take a slow fashion approach to design is key.

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