Choosing Sustainably

Over the past year we have faced a lot of changes in our lives. A lot of us in Europe are just emerging from our third lockdown in some cases. We had come to a point before March of 2020 that we were going towards changing our habits to being more sustainable. I know I had my keepcup and glassware to get my takeaway coffees and meat from the supermarket. Nearly a year on we pass a slew of discarded face masks and bins full of takeaway cups and containers. Now there has been positives, less cars on the roads and less planes in the sky which definitely has lessened our carbon output. With clothing stores closed for a long period a lot of the traditionally fast fashion brands are no more as they folded over the pandemic. Clothing brands are choosing to be more sustainable and use recycled materials. We definitely applaud this but we do warn you to be cautious. I would inform yourself before you make that purchase. Is it sustainable? Greenwashing is rife among these brands. You can choose more mindful shopping habits, choose secondhand(natch we are a secondhand vintage brand), choose natural fibres, recycling fabrics, swap clothes, rent your next dress(when we get back to nights out!), or if you choose fast fashion are you going to wear it more than 30wears. There are so many ways you can shop or live more sustainably you just have to make those changes and make yourself more accountable. If you would like to follow some people that can help you with choosing more sustainable we would recommend a few of these accounts (there are loads of others so do check them out and inform yourself) The Useless Project, Orla Sheridan Stylist, Reuzi, Grown Clothing, Goodonyou, Stuff Happens Emma and Livinglightlyinireland to name a few

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