1. Style- wearing vintage clothes 
  2. Special feature- vintage clothes will always have some special feature that will make you fall in love with them. It could be the pretty buttons, the lace trim around the sleeves, the slits on the sides rather than the back. And these little characters will play a strong part in why you will re-wear the vintage piece over and over again.
  3. Hems- a strange thing to love but hear me out. We have been conditioned over the years by fast fashion to not believe in adjusting our clothes, discard and replace. But not with vintage. Our bodies are constantly changing, (in, out, up, down). Unlike clothes today,  the hems and seams on vintage clothes, are not cut to the bare minimum to save on material and costs. No there are generous amounts of seams for adjustments. I have a beautiful vintage skirt that I adore. The skirt over time became too small for me or I became too big for it and eventually something had to give and it was the zip. I knew there was no point in sowing it back in place as the same thing would happen again so I added to the waist from the bountiful of material along the seam. And now I'm happy I have my vintage skirt back and my zip is happy.
  4. Materials- being a very tactile person, the feel is so important to me. When I'm drawn to a garment I instantly put out my sticky paws to touch it (this includes the many high end designer shops that I like to 'browse', hearing the deep in take of breath from the Sales Assistants doesn't deter me). Vintage material has thrived for over 30 years, so you know it is strong. You know with the right care it will survive at least another 30 years. The material on vintage clothes has been considered carefully for the cut of the garment rather than the cost, so the textile and texture works to compliment the piece.
  5. Cuts- vintage clothes are precisely and lovingly cut and carefully sewn together. The shape is considered and that's what makes a vintage find so special is the way it sits on your frame.
  6. Colour- not only are vintage colours rich they will also last once taken care of when washing. The vibrancy of a vintage red or the sparkle of a vintage grey.
  7. Patterns- I really don't need to elaborate on this point. One word says it all.
  8. Individual- you will never walk a room, while wearing vintage, with someone else wearing the same thing. And if you do it will be so exciting, just imagine 2 dresses that were made together over 30 years ago and finding each other again.
  9. Story- I read once about an old lady who kept a card on the hanger with each of her fancy dresses and every time she wore a dress would write the date and event. This made me think of all the places some vintage dresses must have been and the things they must have seen.
  10. Thanks, it's vintage- saying those 3 little words when someone compliments your outfit, and they will because...it's vintage.