What does MadGrá mean?


We do get asked where MadGrá came from and does it mean anything. Both being over thinkers, our vintage name needed to mean something and have a reasoning behind it. So when we were coming up with the name for our little vintage shop it had to be a metaphor, a simile, an answer, new, fun, old, serious, it had to be a lot of things but most of all it had to be us.

If you didn't already know, we are Madeleine & Grace (Gránna to family), this is where we chose MAD & GRÁ from. But why? Being 2 very similar people with the same core values we have very different personalities, thoughts and tastes, which are what makes MadGrá so eclectic and a vintage shop for all tastes, ages and occasions. We knew these 2 words amalgamated would give on overview of what to expect from our vintage pieces.

crazy, nuts, fun, bright, colourful, bold.

GRÁ; (Irish for love)
love, romantic, soft, sweet, sun.

And what we both love about our name is that in a localised way it means the exact same thing;