How I am trying to lessen my waste


I will firstly say that I am by no means a perfect sustainable example but I do try to do my part. There are a few things I’ve started to do so that I can reduce my waste.




Instead of buying more storage for freezing my extra food I reuse my old butter dishes. They are usually a perfect portion for soup or casseroles. They stack really easily in the freezer or the fridge and are airtight.


I use old jars to store my dry food goods or anything that I’ve opened and needs to be airtight.





I try to use eco products when I can. This isn’t always possible for everything but I find for everyday wipe downs I use a diluted zoflora that makes everything fresh and disinfects the surface.




I try to buy what I know I’m going to wear for a long time. Classic or vintage pieces. I often use older tshirts or tops under my jumpers so that at least they are getting a longer wear.





I wash out my recycling I know it’s a pain but it’s not recyclable unless it’s clean. It’s not ideal to have so much to recycle but that’s the way food is packaged.


Dry Goods

I regularly go to a lovely no waste restaurant and get my dry goods like my gf oats, and mixed seeds. They aren’t more expensive than the supermarket and it allows me to bulk buy foods that I use every day. It’s the Cutting Vedge in Kilkenny on Ormonde street.




I’m trying to lessen the amount I use and use Pit Putty and a reuseable razor from Baraya. I also try to go to the Natural Health store to fill up my handsoap and shower gel


Look I’m no angel but I’m trying my little part. The more of us that do it the better it will be for the environment